Your Best Morning Ever

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The alarm goes off on your phone and you slowly roll yourself to the edge of your bed.

Your hand starts to fumble around in the darkness searching where this horrible noise is coming from.

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Every sound pierces through your whole body and you just want to shut the damn thing off.


Finally you got it to be quiet but now you have a bigger problem.

You start to debate in your head if you’re reeaaaaly ready to get up right now. Last night you said you were going to go to bed early then somehow you got sucked into the black hole that is Netflix and just One.More.Episode became…




….ugh I can do one more

…..forget it I can just power through I’ll be alright


The morning came and reality hit. All of those decisions you made the night before are coming back to bite you.


How many times have found yourself in this situation?

You wake up and you’re tired because you didn’t get any real sleep the night before. And because you’re tired that makes you cranky. Now you are already running behind on getting breakfast ready, the kids awake, packing lunches, and you don’t even have a minute to get yourself together.

Everyone is expecting you to be “mom”, you haven’t even had your coffee yet, and really you want to jump back in bed like…

Morning routine cat

Trust me.

It’s not just you. Mornings are chaotic for most of us but the thing is…

…They don’t have to be

What if I told you that you could completely transform your mornings? You could wake up early and be ready, motivated and dare I say…excited. What if I said you could have things running smoothly and without all of the crankiness, yelling, frustration and chaos. What if you were greeted with a clean kitchen, coffee in the pot, no toys on the floor and just a relaxing and peaceful quiet?

Would you believe me?

Believe it or not you can have your best morning ever with just some small tweaks. Don’t worry about trying to do everything at once. Do what you can now and over time it will start to become habit.

In fact I’ve created a 7-day plan called Master Your Morning. It’s jam packed with some of the very best inspirational activities all geared towards creating positive changes to kick-start your day for success. Click here to start your journey!

Small changes over time = BIG results

Alright let’s take a look at how to get started…

1. Prepare the night before

Your best morning ever actually starts the night before.

What does that mean?

It means that you can get a jumpstart on the morning by getting prepped and ready.

You know that scramble we all do.

You’re already running behind, you’re kid can’t find their homework folder, you had to throw together some makeshift lunch real quick, you’ve misplaced your keys, and you forgot that it’s your turn to bring snacks to the class today.


Instead of doing that mad dash use your evenings to make your mornings better.

Think about the activities that you do in the morning that can be done early and save you time and headache.



Your chart will look different and that’s OK. Just write down anything you can do the night before that will help things in the morning.

Now that you can check those off the list let’s talk about sleep

You gotta get some (real) sleep

So that Netflix story I told in the intro is based on a true story lol.

I used to work at night and one night my wife sends me a text like this.

Best MorningEverText


This is normal even though EVERY night I tell her she should be getting more rest.

Then at like 2 am I get another buzz on my phone. She’s at home with the kids at night so I was worried that something bad may be happening.

I started to get anxious and I could feel the blood running through body. All of these thoughts circling through my head.

Why was she texting me this late? Did she hear something outside? Are they okay?

As I picked my phone off the desk my hand trembled just a bit. I hurriedly scrolled to my messages and took one breath before checking her message.

Orange Is The New Black is soooooooo goooood!!!!!

Here I am worried that some stranger may be lurking around my house and she texts me, at 2 in the morning, talking about orange is the new black.

Let it be known that she gets up at 6:00 to start getting the kids ready for school.

I’ll repeat. 6 o’clock.

That’s only going to be 3-4 hours of sleep…Once she decides to actually fall asleep.

No bueno.

In a situation like this the next morning you’ll find yourself dragging and super irritable. Even if you think you’re okay remember the morning is just the beginning. You have set yourself up for the rest of the loooooong day ahead and you’re pretty much running on empty.

If you are like a lot of us you may find it hard to get some sleep and depending on where you are in life it may seem impossible.

Here’s a few helpful tips on getting better sleep:

Get to bed at a decent time– this is easier said than done but with a little tweaking of your night time routine you can make it happen. Try getting to bed at or around the same time everyday. #routineroutineroutine

Wind down– If you have trouble sleeping once you get to bed it may because you have trained your mind and body to think the bedroom is another place to be “on”. Develop a nice and relaxing sleep routine where you can wind down and get yourself ready for sleep. I recommend reading or journaling. This way you can reflect on your day, set goals, and prepare for your best morning ever.

Set a dead end time– Seriously. Set a no-kidding, phone down, No.Matter.What bedtime. At this time you will put everything down. Even if you are in the middle of a good episode turn it off.

Use Sleep Cycle– If you hate waking up early or you feel even more tired once you get up, then sleep cycle will become your best friend. This little app has done wonders for my sleep. I can’t praise it enough. It has so many benefits and the best part is you will wake up easy and feeling refreshed instead of feeling like you want to break your alarm clock. It monitors your sleep and gives you reports on just how well you slept.


This helps because you can see exactly what time you went to bed, how long you slept, and the quality of your sleep. That can help you to adjust your sleep schedule so you know exactly when you need to be getting rest.

The best feature though is the wake up phase alarm and intelligent snooze. You are probably used to setting an alarm and hearing that horrible ring that jolts you awake. Not with sleep cycle. Sleep cycle uses a phased alarm. This is a thirty minute window that ends at your set alarm time.


During this period sleep cycle will assess your lightest sleep period and your soothing alarm will sound very quietly. Once you wake up and tap your phone sleep cycle has an intelligent snooze.  It will automatically set the best amount of time for your snooze. This will repeat and end at your set alarm time allowing you to wake up peacefully and at the best time.

I am the furthest thing from a morning person but with this app I have been able to do a complete 180. I am now waking up earlier than everyone in the house and I’m able to do my best morning ever routine everyday.

2. Don’t wake up on O.P.A

What the heck is O.P.A.?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Other People’s Agenda. (Thanks go to John Lee Dumas over at for introducing this concept to me)

Whether you know it or not it is highly likely that you are waking up to O.P.A. each and every morning. Most of us get up to an alarm clock or when the “house” starts to wake up (aka when the kids get up), or maybe you awake in the morning with your spouse.

Either way you are waking up for them.

Think about it.

As soon as you are awake you probably handle some business in the bathroom, maybe take time to brush your teeth (if your not already scrambling around) then the next actions you take are all for others.

……………Things You Do In The Morning…………..

Getting breakfast ready – family

Packing lunches – family

Cleaning up kitchen from last night- family

Managing the chaos- family


You are deep in “mom” mode and you know what…

“Mom” mode is on all day and “Me” mode doesn’t happen until you are in bed.

Tired.Worn Out.Overwhelemed.

And “ready” to do it all again the next day.

Best morning chart

Instead of that scenario let’s flip this on its head

Best Morning Chart 2

Here’s the deal

To have your best morning ever make your mornings all about you.

(Whispering) Come a little bit closer. Just a little bit more.

IT’S O-FREAKIN-K to make time just for you. It’s not selfish. Let go of that guilt you feel every time you do something for yourself. You have to love yourself in order to truly give love. You have to take care of yourself before you can really take care of someone else.

It’s like when you’re in an airplane before takeoff and the flight attendant is up their doing their thing. What do they always say to do in case of an emergency.

Put the mask on yourself first. Then help those around you.


How much help can you be if you are passed out because you didn’t take care of yourself first.

Make the morning all about you and stop waking up to O.P.A.

Before we get into your best morning ever routine let’s recap.

  • Prep the night before
  • Get good sleep (use sleep cycle app)
  • Dont wake up solely for others #OtherPeoplesAgenda

So how do you go from waking up to O.P.A. to having your best morning ever?

Let’s take a look.

3. Give yourself the morning

Strange way to say that right?

But honestly you have to get in the mindset that you are giving yourself the morning in order to truly have your best morning ever. Treat it as a gift and you will come to cherish those moments of alone time and reflection that I will be getting into a bit later.

The morning is time for you to start the day on a positive note. It’s time for you to gather yourself, recharge, and take control of your day.

How many times have you felt like you weren’t enough. That you could or should be doing more even though you try your best. We constantly beat ourselves up but none of us are perfect. We all have those days where we are just barely above water. We have those days where we want to give up. We have those days where we try and fail.

I’m not saying those days will magically disappear because they won’t. What I am saying is that taking time each morning to build and love yourself is needed. It may be hard to change old habits but give it a try and allow yourself to be the best version of you.

How many times have you felt like you weren’t enough. That you could or should be doing more even though you try your best. We constantly beat ourselves up but none of us are perfect. We all have those days where we are just barely above water. We have those days where we want to give up. We have those days where we try and fail.

4. The Morning Fresh Start

It’s time to get down to the #nittygritty.

Each of us has different circumstances so please feel free to tweak this in any way that you see fit. Use the Morning Fresh Start Guide to complete the exercises.

In fact I’ve created a 7-day plan called Master Your Morning. It’s jam packed with some of the very best inspirational activities all geared towards creating positive changes to kick-start your day for success. Click here to start your journey!

Wake up earlier than the house

Ultimately you want to give yourself an hour (power hour woo-woo) but if that seems too crazy right now just start small. 10-15 minutes before everyone starts getting up will allow you some time. Get a big glass of water and kick-start your mind and body.


Use the Morning Fresh Start guide and complete the affirmations section. Affirmations have really helped me to become the person I want to be. Here is how you use them. You are going to write 3-5 statements that all start with “I am…” After that describe something about yourself that you wish to improve or affirm within yourself. I debated on showing you guys my affirmations because they are really personal but I want to be transparent and truthful with you at all times. Here are my affirmations.



First thing in the morning read these affirmations out loud to yourself. It may sound a little woo-sah but affirmations are like that song that is stuck in your head and you don’t know why. Then you suddenly remember it was playing quietly in the background when you were out at the store.

I felt like I needed to be a more loving christ-centered husband and parent so that what my affirmations reflect. Tell yourself who you are and you will become that person. Replace all of the self-deprecating talk in your head with powerful and positive messages. These affirmations are a must.

Next go to the “Grateful For” section and write down three things you are grateful for in your life now. Dig deep to find real meaning in your words and value in your life. Ex. I am grateful for the sleepless nights, long days, diaper changes, crying naps, and spit up on my shirt because I have you to love and you are mine. Check out this powerful printable from Chelsea Lee Smith of It’s a great example of looking at life through a different lense and expressing gratitude in the difficulties you face.




Then go to the Goals section in your guide. Here you will write down one goal you have for the month.

Now take that goal and work backwards.

What smaller steps do you need to do in order to accomplish that goal?

These steps will become your weekly goals.

Now we will break it down even further. Each morning after you have read your affirmations out loud and written down three things you are grateful for, you will write down ONE daily goal you need to accomplish in order to help knock out your weekly goal. If you commit to ONE daily goal you will crush your weekly goal.  Then by knocking out your weekly goals you will crush that monthly goal.

It all starts small.

ONE daily goal at a time.

Get moving

Do some light stretching or even yoga to get the blood flowing and your mind working. You could even go for a brisk walk or run if time permits.

Eat light

Anything heavy in the morning is going to give you that sluggish feeling we are trying to avoid. Eat something light such as fruit, oatmeal, or a green smoothie. You want to provide your body with those energy boosting carbs early in the morning. I’ve included the recipe for my favorite power-packed energizing healthy green smoothie in the Morning Fresh Start guide.

Do something you love

At this point in the morning you have reflected and set goals, got moving, and reenergized your body and mind. Now is the time to do something just for you. Take this time to read, pray, learn something new or just sit and relax with a cup of coffee. Whatever makes you smile. Do that.

You no longer have to dread the mornings or awake to chaos. Taking time out for yourself in the mornings can have a huge impact on the rest of your day. By combining a solid evening routine with a morning that focuses on you can say goodbye to the scramble and say hello to your best morning ever!

In fact I’ve created a 7-day plan called Master Your Morning. It’s jam packed with some of the very best inspirational activities all geared towards creating positive changes to kick-start your day for success. Click here to start your journey!

What’s your morning routine look like now?

What steps are you going to take to have your best morning ever?

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